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TMJ Disorder -- East Longmeadow

Relief for a Clicking, Popping Jaw

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Jaw pain is an unfortunate reality for thousands of American adults. It can range from minor to debilitating -- but whatever the amount, there is a solution available when you visit our office. If you suffer from a clicking, popping, or painful jaw and grind your teeth at night, it’s time for you to learn about treatment for bruxism and TMJ disorder in East Longmeadow. Keep reading for more on the topic, including how the team at Scannell & Hollinger can help you find relief from jaw pain and teeth grinding at long last.

What Is TMJ?

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“TMJ” is what we frequently call a condition affecting the jaw actually titled TMD, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction. It occurs when there is a problem with the alignment of the jaw joint, which is the network of nerves, bones, and ligaments that can be found at the base of your ear and lower jaw.

TMJ may occur due to an injury -- like a blow to the face -- or it can be caused by misaligned teeth. Some of the warning signs of TMJ include:

What Is the Treatment for TMJ/Bruxism?

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Because the conditions usually occur together, the treatments for TMJ and nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism) often align. A customized mouthguard that you wear at night while you sleep can help to cushion the tooth enamel to protect against wear and tear and also reduce the incidence of jaw clenching during sleep. We will create a mouthguard based on your specific dentition to ensure that it fits perfectly and comfortably. When worn as directed each night, many patients are able to find relief from jaw pain with this treatment. The customized device allows patients to drink water and speak normally.

Do I Need Treatment for TMJ/Bruxism?

The only way to find out if you require treatment for TMJ/bruxism is to visit our office for a consultation. In general, if you frequently experience the aforementioned symptoms of the condition, seeking treatment may be a good idea. You run the risk of experiencing significant wear and tear or even losing teeth completely if TMJ and bruxism are left untreated. If it is determined that you have TMJ/bruxism, you can look forward to starting therapy right away -- which means relief is in sight!

Contact Us Today!

Don’t wait to contact our office if you are dealing with the side effects of TMJ and bruxism -- like chronic pain and weak or worn teeth. We want to help our patients enjoy freedom from this damaging condition. Go ahead and contact us to schedule an appointment with Scannell & Hollinger today! Your dentist in East Longmeadow is ready to provide expert solutions for jaw pain.

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