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Invisalign® in East Longmeadow

Straight teeth don’t only make your smile look better—although that is certainly an obvious advantage. When you have straight teeth, you have a healthier mouth and body, too. Well-aligned teeth are easier to brush and floss; crooked teeth tend to trap particles of food more, which may eventually lead to cavities, gum disease and other oral health problems. And gum disease opens you up to several systemic illnesses and diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. For these and so many more reasons, a straight smile is the beautiful and healthy choice.

At Scannell & Hollinger, we offer Invisalign, a technologically advanced orthodontic system that uses clear aligners to move teeth rather than metal brackets and wires. Thus, Invisalign is perfect for adults who don’t want to risk their social and professional standing by wearing metal braces. Self-conscious teenagers are also big fans of Invisalign. With this system, you can have the straight smile you’ve always wanted and hardly anyone will be able to tell that you’re wearing braces.

Other Advantages of Invisalign

That Invisalign is discrete is just one advantage of this orthodontic system. Another is that Invisalign aligners are removable. Traditional braces require bonding metal brackets and wires to your teeth. These are quite literally always in the way when you need to brush and floss. With Invisalign, however, you’ll be able to clean your teeth efficiently and effectively because the aligners will be on the bathroom counter rather than in your mouth.

You’ll also be able to remove your Invisalign clear braces every time you want to eat. With traditional metal braces, wearers often need to be careful when eating and even eliminate certain foods. Popcorn, pretzels, chewy candy, bubble gum and the like have the potential to dislodge or break a bracket. Invisalign allows you to maintain your regular diet and enjoy all the foods you love.

Straightening Your Smile with Invisalign

Once you and your East Longmeadow dentist determine that Invisalign is right for you, you’re probably less than two years away from having straight teeth and a beautiful smile. The process begins when we take a comprehensive collection of x-rays, photographs, and impressions of your teeth. These form the basis of your treatment plan that guides our dentists and Invisalign technicians toward your new smile. We work closely together to ensure that your orthodontic treatment systematically moves your teeth into proper alignment.

Your part necessitates wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours every day. After two weeks of wearing one pair, you’ll move on to the next pair and continue until you reach the end of the set. Periodic progress checks will allow us to check your treatment and dispense additional sets of Invisalign. At the conclusion of your orthodontic treatment, a retainer will keep your straight teeth stabilized.

Invisalign FAQs

Someone putting in a clear aligner tray

If you’re considering Invisalign in East Longmeadow, you probably have a few questions about the process and how your treatment will affect your day to day life. Although Invisalign is a wonderful investment in your smile, it’s helpful to have all the information you need from the start because it’s still a big decision to make. Below are answers to several Invisalign FAQs, but if there’s anything else you’d like to know, you can contact us anytime. We’ve helped countless patients straighten their smiles and would love to help you, too!

How Will Invisalign Impact My Life?

Although you must wear your trays at least 22 hours per day, Invisalign is still quite flexible and convenient. You can take them out for special events like a first date or job interview, and you’ll also be able to brush and floss normally and eat what you’d like.

Some patients have a temporary lisp for a few days while they adjust to their trays, but many don’t have any speech issues at all.

How Do I Care For My Aligner Trays?

Here are some tips for caring for your clear aligners in East Longmeadow:

  • Brush after meals and snacks to prevent any food residue from staining your trays
  • Be gentle when handling them
  • Don’t expose them to hot water
  • To prevent accidentally throwing your trays away, store them in their protective case during meals (instead of a napkin)
  • To clean your trays, only use specially-made products or clear liquid soap
  • Only drink plain water when your trays are in to avoid stains and odors

What If I’ve Already Had Braces or Other Dental Work?

Many people had traditional braces as a teen or young adult only to have their teeth shift again down the road. Oftentimes, Invisalign is perfect for these situations! And other types of dental work such as porcelain veneers or crowns aren’t usually a problem, but we’ll evaluate your needs before making a recommendation.

How Do I Maintain My Results After Treatment?

Regardless of whether you straighten your teeth with metal braces or clear braces in East Longmeadow, a retainer is necessary to prevent them from shifting. After your Invisalign treatment, your retainer will look and feel very similar to your aligners. At first, you’ll need to wear them around the clock, but in time you’ll be able to wear them only at night.

Can I Be Confident That Invisalign Will Work?

Yes! Invisalign has been used for decades with great success and over 6 million people have used it to get fantastic results. With advanced training in Invisalign along with years of experience, we’ll make sure the process goes smoothly and that you wind up with a smile that looks and feels great.

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