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What You Didn’t Know About Same-Day Dental Crowns

August 18, 2022

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Same-day dental crowns’ name highlights their most obvious benefit. Specifically, they use cutting-edge technology to design a restoration in one day. As a result, they end the need for separate appointments and free up your schedule! However, did you know this treatment can help you in more ways than one? Though most people focus on their “same-day” aspect, these crowns have other, lesser-known upsides. Here are three such advantages, as explained by your East Longmeadow dentist.

They Only Take 2 Hours to Place

Specialists need many work hours to create traditional porcelain crowns. For this reason, placing them requires two or three visits over several weeks.

Fortunately, same-day dental crowns require far less time. Not only can they be designed, milled, and placed in a single day, the process only takes about two hours! As a result, you don’t need to devote your whole day to your crown’s placement. You’ll have enough time to return to work or care for other matters.

Like Regular Crowns, They’re Made of Porcelain

You might think same-day crowns aren’t as effective as regular ones. After all, speed and convenience tend to cost quality. It’d only make sense if the same applied here.

You can rest assured, though, that these crowns are very durable. Like regular ones, they’re made from high-quality porcelain and ceramic. The restorations can thus withstand daily wear as well as natural teeth. Feel free, then, to chew and bite into your food without worrying about your crown.

Still, keep in mind that they’re not indestructible. As such, avoid cracking nuts, crunching ice, or opening packaging with your teeth.

They Fit Well Thanks to Digital Imaging Tools

Traditional crowns often need various adjustments to fit over your teeth well. In contrast, same-day models will fit perfectly right away.

This fact stems from the crowns’ CEREC digital imaging technology. You see, the 3D model used to form a same-day crown lets your dentist design and change things quickly. It enables them to look at how the “cap” will interact with other teeth, adjust the restoration’s thickness or shape, and ensure things work with your bite.

In the end, same-day crowns have advantages besides needing fewer appointments. Talk to your local dentist to learn other ways they might improve your life.

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