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7 Things Your Dentist Does During Your Dental Checkup

April 5, 2022

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Are you considering visiting your dentist soon? Many people tend to think a regular dental appointment is typically meant to clean their teeth to regain their shine. However, the importance of routine dental checkups is much more than a simple polishing. Read on to learn seven crucial things your dentist performs during your regular visit!

#1: Oral Cancer Screening

They’ll look at your lips, head, neck, and mouth tissues for any visible symptoms of oral cancer. If they do find abnormalities, then they can provide the necessary treatment early on to avoid further damage.

#2: Examines Each Tooth

The usual tools you’ll see them use is a small mirror and a dental explorer. These are designed to help test each tooth in case of any health concerns, such as cavities or infection. They’ll pay extra attention to the strength of your enamel, the main protective layer of your teeth, to ensure it’s still healthy.

#3: Monitors Your Gums

Your gum line is an essential part of your oral health, as it contains the connective tissues to hold your smile in place. For this reason, your dentist will always check for signs of swelling or pockets, which could be signs of unhealthy gums or periodontal disease.

#4: Assesses Your Tongue

Your tongue actually says a lot about your dental and overall health. Your dentist will observe its size and texture to ensure there are no telling symptoms.

#5: Checks Your Temporomandibular Joint

This is also called the TMJ—the joint connecting the jaw to the skull. By examining the opening and closing of your mouth, your dentist can see if it as well as your bite are functioning properly.

#6: Examines Your Bite

Sometimes teeth can shift out of place, increasing the risk of certain dental issues in the long run. If they find developing problems with misalignment, your dentist may recommend orthodontic treatment to correct your bite.

#7: Inspects Your Salivary Glands

An important part of washing away bacteria and debris from your mouth is your saliva flow. Without proper production, you could end up at risk of cavities, bacteria, infection, or even bad breath. To ensure your mouth remains properly moist, your dentist will inspect the health of your salivary glands.

These are only a few things your dentist monitors during a routine dental checkup. And after you walk out of their office, you’ll be more aware of your oral health and how to maintain your smile in the future!

About the Author

Dr. Steve Scannell earned his dental doctorate from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. He’s also a proud member of the Massachusetts Dental Society, the University of Buffalo Dental Alumni Association, and the Valley District Dental Society. With his team, he offers multiple advanced dental treatments, including routine dental checkups to preserve your pearly whites. If you’d like to schedule a checkup and cleaning, visit his website or call 413-525-6821.

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