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Repair Your Teeth in Record time with a Same-Day Crown

September 9, 2019

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Is your tooth damaged as a result of decay or injury? In the past, getting a dental crown has not always been a smooth process. Not only would you need to bite into unpleasant putty-like material just to capture the impression, but you’d also need to wait multiple weeks just to have it placed. With the help of CEREC same-day crowns, however, your restorative treatment doesn’t have to require cumbersome or uncomfortable steps. Instead, you can get a long-term, natural-looking CEREC crown faster than ever before!

Get Your Dental Crown Faster

When a patient needed a crown in the past, dentists would have to send the impression mold to a dental lab offsite. There, the crown would take about two weeks to complete, but this time could vary depending on how busy the lab already was.

Instead of relying on third parties to create your crown, offices with CEREC can perform the entire fabrication process in-house. This means you can get your permanent crown the same day as your initial appointment, rather than having to schedule a separate visit just to have the restoration placed.

Get Rid of Temporaries

After a tooth has any decay removed and has been modified to hold a restoration, a temporary crown would be placed on top to keep it covered while the patient waits for their permanent crown to be made. This was the standard for traditional crowns for many years prior to CEREC. In some cases, this temporary crown could fall off, leaving the tooth exposed. Since the permanent crown is made right away with CEREC, you won’t have to deal with a temporary crown in the process.

Remove Dental Putty from the Equation

In order to capture a detailed cast of your tooth to design a crown, patients previously needed to bite down into a gray putty-like material. Not only was doing this uncomfortable, but it typically did not have the most pleasant taste. In contrast, CEREC uses a digital impression method to capture images of the teeth, leading to a faster, easier process and more accurate result.

Ensure a More Exact Fit

CEREC allows dentists to customize your crown and make adjustments to it from start to finish. When you don’t have to rely on third-party manufacturers to get the job done, there’s no worry of whether or not the crown will need to be remade. Your dentist can more confidently ensure that your crown fits properly the first time with CEREC.

High-Quality, Natural-Looking Materials

Just because your crown is made through CEREC doesn’t mean you’ll need to sacrifice the quality or appearance. Once it’s placed, you can expect long-term protection for your damaged tooth and a smile that truly looks natural.

With CEREC, you can save time and enjoy high-quality care that will make your smile look and feel like new.

About Scannell & Hollinger

The dentists at Scannell & Hollinger offer CEREC same-day crowns for those looking for a more effective and convenient solution for damaged teeth. They’ll make sure that your next restoration fits, feels and looks natural in every way! To learn more about CEREC or their practice, you can contact them through their website.

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