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Why do I Drool During Sleep?

May 20, 2018

Man drooling in bed with dog's head on his cheekWe all drool during sleep from time to time, but if you are struggling with excessive or nightly drooling, it may be time to talk to a dentist or medical professional. In most cases, drooling, especially during sleep, is nothing to be concerned about, but excessive drooling can also be a sign of a number of serious oral and overall health concerns. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the common causes of excessive nighttime drooling and how to determine whether or not your drooling requires intervention from your preventive dentistry provider or a medical professional.

Common Causes

In some cases, excessive drooling is a result of serious facial trauma or neurological disorder. These patients may struggle to control their facial muscles, leading to drooling. Patients with cerebral and Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease can all struggle with excessive drooling. Another common cause of drooling is an infection called epiglottitis, which causes the cartilage in the throat to swell making it difficult to swallow. This can lead to an excess of saliva in the mouth. Patients with sinus infections or allergic rhinitis (allergies) may be unable to breathe through their nose during sleep. Mouth breathing increases saliva production and drooling. Some patients simply have overproductive salivary glands. This may lead to drooling while awake or asleep.

When to Visit the Dentist

If your excessive saliva production is in any way interfering with your ability to lead a healthy, happy life, you should let your dentist or a medical professional know right away. In many cases, treatment is simple and straightforward, but since excessive drooling can be indicative of more serious issues, it’s important for you to discuss potential health concerns right away.

Meet the Drs. Scannell & Hollinger, Inc Team

At Drs. Scannell & Hollinger, Inc., we offer a wide variety of dentistry services for East Longmeadow dental patients. If you’re struggling with excessive drooling, we’re here to help. Let us know during your dental appointment, and we’ll work with you to create a plan to help you stop producing excessive saliva and start sleeping deeply through the night. If you want to learn more about any of our dental care options, give the team a call today. We’ll be happy to answer questions over the phone or schedule an appointment for you to visit our friendly dentistry team in our state-of-the-art East Longmeadow dental practice.

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